Meet the Daya Team

Daya CNS – Board

Steve Hanley

Chairman of the Board

Steve is a highly experienced global business leader who has managed highly complex pharmaceutical and medical device operations with annual global revenue exceeding $1 billion. As the former President of Covidien’s Imaging Solutions, he led a multifunctional organization that included sales, marketing, logistics, manufacturing, as well as research and development. Steve’s principal roles in Daya are:

  • Lead company structure establishment.
  • Establish relationship and funding strategies for the company.
  • Facilitate messaging, brand, and vision.

Raghavan Rajagopalan

Chief Scientific Officer

Raghavan is an innovative organic/medicinal chemist and a Registered Patent Agent. He has over 37 years of experience in diagnostic and therapeutic drug discovery and over 25 years in patent prosecution.  He was formerly employed at Mallinckrodt, Johnson & Johnson, and Gliatech.  He has 107 patents and 52 professional publications. He was also responsible for 4 IND and 1 NDA submissions. Raghavan’s principal role in Daya are:

  • Lead all R&D activities, publications, grants, and patents.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with key scientists and clinicians.
  • Develop short/long term product development strategies.

Jeffrey Boone

General Counsel

Jeffrey is an intellectual property attorney with more than 30 years of US and international experience, including work at a law firm, four multi-national corporations, and three startup companies. He has special skills related to regulatory issues for branded and generic pharmaceuticals patent certifications, patent term extensions, generic exclusivity, and pharmaceutical life-cycle management strategies. Jeffrey’s principal role in Daya are:

  • Lead efforts in establishing company structure and global IP position.
  • Lead efforts to frame regulatory strategy of the company.
  • Review strategic approaches to add and protect company’s intellectual property.

Terence Stern

Chief Financial Officer

Terry is a financial executive with more than 30 years of experience in finance and business development. He is currently Chief Financial Officer of MediBeacon. He was the Director of Business Development for Novus International; CEO and Board Member for Vetbrands International; and Director Business Development for Agribrands International. Terence’s principal role in Daya are:

  • Lead all financial and tax policies.
  • Lead engagement/coordination of service providers (legal, accounting, tax, etc.).
  • Contact, develop, and aid in interaction with partners/investors as appropriate.

Walter Smith

Member of the Board

Wally has over 39 years of experience in leading drug discovery programs with a rich understanding of moving small molecules and biotherapeutics through discovery and early clinical development. Wally is currently the Senior VP of Research for Aclaris. Prior to Aclaris, he was VP of Research and Global Head for the Inflammation/Immunology therapeutic area for Pfizer. Wally’s principal roles in Daya are:

  • Provide direction and strategy for preclinical and clinical pharmacology/toxicology.
  • Assist in scientific and fund-raising presentations when appropriate.
  • Review clinical and scientific results with CSO provide insight and perspective.

Daya CNS – Scientific Advisors

Parthasarathi Rajagopalan, PhD

Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. Rajagopalan is inventor of the lead compound, DDD-028, as well as other small molecules drugs related to CNS disorders. He retired as Principal Research Scientist from Du Pont Pharmaceuticals and has nearly 60 years of research experience in the synthesis of natural products and new heterocyclic systems, new synthesis of known heterocyclic systems, and synthesis of CNS active agents, thrombolytics, and antibacterials.

  • Provide medicinal chemistry expertise on new molecules product development.
  • Provide technical assistance for grant applications.
  • Provide CMC expertise toward IND and NDA submissions.

Lorenzo Di Cesare Mannelli

Academic Collaborator

Prof. Mannelli is of the world’s leading aurthorities in the area of pain with over 150 professional publications and 4 book chapters.  He has over 20 years of experience in preclinical pharmacology related to acute and chronic pain, in particular, neuropathic, articular, and visceral pain. His efforts led to the discovery of DDD-028’s neuroprotective properties.  Prof. Mannelli’s principal role in Daya are:

  • Provide expertise and conduct preclinical pain model studies.
  • Provide technical assistance for grant applications.
  • Review clinical and scientific results with CSO provide insight and perspective.